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ENROLLMENT: Approximately 450 students are enrolled at Glendale Adventist Elementary (GAE). Class size generally ranges between 20 to 25 students.

FACULTY: There are twenty full-time teachers. Ten have B.A./B.S degrees, nine M.A./M.S. degrees, one M.Div. degree. Four additional teachers are shared with the high school division (two with B.A./B.S degrees and two with M.A. degrees). There is also one part-time Physical Education (PE) teacher and three teacher's aids. All teachers hold full Seventh-day Adventist certification for their respective subject area and many also hold California State credentials.

SCHOOL ORGANIZATION: The elementary division operates on a basic eight period day (there may be periods before or after the core periods), meeting a minimum of:
  • Grades 1-2:1440 minutes per week
  • Grades 3-4:1590 minutes per week
  • Grades 5-8:1740 minutes per week
There are four quarters of 9 weeks each, in the school year, totalling one hundred eighty (180) school days per year.

Grades K-5 operate on a self-contained homeroom system, with at least two homerooms at every grade level. Grades 6-8 homerooms rotate through departmentalized subject areas.

GRADING: Students in grades K-2 are graded on the basis of their mastery of certain skills. Students in grades 3-8 are awarded letter grades on the following basis:
  • A = 93 - 100%
  • A- = 90 - 92%
  • B+ = 87 - 89%
  • B = 83 - 86%
  • B- = 80 - 82%
  • C+ = 77 - 79%
  • C = 73 - 76%
  • C- = 70 - 72%
  • D+ = 67 - 69%
  • D = 63 - 66%
  • D- = 60 - 62%
  • F = 59% or lower

ACHIEVEMENT TESTS: Students consistently score higher than the national average on such By the eighth-grade year, the average student is at least 1.5 years above grade level in academic proficiency.

PROMOTION/GRADUATION: To earn promotion to the next grade, students must satisfactorily complete assignments, master required skills and concepts and demonstrate appropriate maturity. To be promoted from grades seven and eight students need to earn cumulative grades of 60% or higher for the year. At any grade level, academic deficiencies may result in required summer school.

ACADEMIC HONORS: GAE recognizes two categories of honor students each year at eighth grade graduation: those graduating with Honors and those graduating with High Honors.In order to graduate with Honors, a student must maintain cumulative grade point percentage of 87 or higher in each subject during the eighth grade year. In order to graduate with High Honors, a student must maintain a cumulative grade percentage of 93 or higher in each subject.

Some honor students earn the distinction of presidential recognition. The President's Award for Educational Excellence is issued to the top 10% of the class.The President's Academic Effort Award recognizes students, including those with special needs, who have demonstrated outstanding effort.

NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: The school is proud to host a chapter of the nationally recognized National Junior Honor Society (NJHS).The purpose of this organization is to promote the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Between 45 and 50 percent of students in grades seven and eight are involved in NJHS.

HIGH SCHOOL ACCEPTANCE: Although the vast majority of our students continue on in our high school division, students are also accepted into other local preparatory programs including Flintridge Preparatory, Ribet Academy and Village Christian schools.

TECHNOLOGY: The school offers computers in every classroom and a campus-wide network that provides full T-1 Internet access.

Caucasian: 20% Hispanic: 20%
Black: 15% Asian: 45%