Field Trip » Disneyland May 2010

Disneyland May 2010

May 11th

We were already excited about our journey on the Metro Link...and when the conductor motioned us to board, it just got better. We had the entire top level of the first car all to ourselves. What a view as we traveled through Los Angeles and Orange County.

Forty-five minutes later, we arrived at the Anaheim Depot and boarded a mural-scaped city bus powered by propane. It wasn’t long before we met our facilitators and began our first Y.E.S. educational experience - Waves of Motion. We reviewed and applied principals of physics and motion. Several of the Disneyland staff commented on the knowledge and ability level of our students, comparing them to high school students.

All of our groups used the laws of physics to build small scale roller coasters - one of which was affectionately named “The Monster” because of its size and complexity. Throughout the morning our students learned about 7 forms of energy and experienced some of them on the rides of California Adventure, California Screamin’, Maliboomer, and Mulholland Madness... and the day just kept going.....

By 8:00 we were at our hotel. I thought the kids would be tired...but no...they were ready for the pool and pizza. Their energy fueled our chaperons, who are really just big kids too. By 11:00, it was time to call it a day.

We have heard numerous comments about our kids... “They’re different,” said the host at the restaurant where we had lunch today. “We get kids through here everyday, but your kids are SOOO well behaved”. I have to admit, the expectation of what it might be like to take 50 thirteen year olds into a restaurant, and our experience with our students, is probably very different. Our students have been experiencing simple social skills such as tipping our bus drivers and breakfast chefs. We’re having a great time and will write more tomorrow.

May 12th

Well, they were tired when waking this morning. We even had a couple of boys who slept right through their wake-up call, breakfast, and the first shuttle to the park. They did finally make it however...Our hotel is perfect for us, and provides quite a safe and comfortable set up for the kids.

After a breakfast of just about anything the students wanted, we headed out for our next experience - Leadership. The students learned more about Walt Disney, his positive leadership style and the way he inspired and led his team. The students brainstormed, participated in active listening, and practiced courage, curiosity, consistency, and confidence. Currently they are in small groups exploring and enjoying the attractions in both parks. We are very proud of the ways in which they are looking out for each other and making lifetime memories.

We will be heading back to the hotel soon for worship, and of course, more pool time and pizza. Hopefully they will knock out around 11:00 pm. We will write more tomorrow.
May 13th
A wake-up call at 8:00 started our day. The extra sleep was much needed. Again, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast before checking-out of the hotel. Animation would be the theme for today’s learning. We studied the 12 steps of imagineer writing and incorporated many of these in our own storyboards. Our students were exposed to the many careers employed by Disney. By 1:30 the students were having fun in both parks and found 4:00 too soon to go home. We met our train and journeyed home, a much quieter and tired group. We arrived safely...and a good time was had by all.
A BIG thank you to our parent chaperons. We could not have done this trip withouth them. Thank you, Ms. Aslanyan, Mrs. Gregg, Pastor Kaatz, and Mr. Marefat.

Mrs. Patten